Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme

Flu Vaccination

If you want to protect yourself against flu this winter our Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme is here to help. This years specific vaccination will give protection from the three most likely flu viruses including the H1N1 (swine flu) that are expected to be active this winter.


For your convenience the vaccination will be administered within the pharmacy by one of our experienced, trained pharmacists in the private consultation room. This service is available by appointment or on an opportunist basis if the pharmacist is free. To make an appointment please telephone 01224 732214.

The vaccination is available for adults and children on a private basis and costs only £15.00 - however you may be eligible to receive your vaccination for free within the pharmacy if you are a front line health worker or professional carer, also if you the main informal carer for an elderly or disabled person. Please ask the pharmacist about eligibility.

Flu Vaccination

For those patients aged over 65 years or those patients with an underlying health condition such as diabetes or heart disease the vaccination will be provided by your GP at your local medical practice - these groupings of patient are not currently eligible to receive there vaccination under the pharmacy scheme.

We also offer a Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme for Businesses - if you are involved with employee welfare within your business or organisation please enquire about this service. We can provide a service tailored to your companies need either using vouchers to allow your employees to visit the pharmacy at their convenience or by visiting your premises to administer to larger numbers. Please telephone 01224 732214 where the pharmacist will be delighted to assist you in setting up a programme that best meets your companies needs.