Gluten Free Service

Gluten Free

This new service is designed to improve the care available for patients who have a diagnosis of coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis.

This NHS service is available through the pharmacy once the GP has confirmed diagnosis and eligibility. On registration at the pharmacy you be able to order an extended range of products from your agreed monthly allowance without the need for a prescription from the medical practice.

Gluten Free

The new service should increase your understanding of the condition through discussion with the pharmacist - it should also allow you more control and variety in your diet.

You can order monthly on the downloadable form below from the gluten-free list for Grampian Health Board keeping consideration of the number of units you have been allocated per month. Once you have completed the order form either email the form to or hand it into the pharmacy - we will let you know when the order is ready for collection.