Chronic Medication Service

CMS Leaflet

The Chronic Medication Service (CMS) aims to encourage joint working between GPs and Community Pharmacists to improve patient care. For more information please click on the leaflet shown opposite to download a copy.

At our other pharmacy in Kemnay we have long enjoyed this collaborative approach along with our excellent local medical practice which focuses on a joint sharing of care to provide the highest levels of convenience and service for our patients. Along with the Medical Practice in Kemnay we were extensively involved in the early development of many of the systems which now underpin this national service. We intend to provide a similar service within the Peterculter Pharmacy.

Patients who are on long term medication are eligible for registration for CMS and are usually identified as suitable candidates by the Community Pharmacy or Medical Practice.


For some of the patients registered a CMS care plan will be initiated and the pharmacist may sit down and discuss with the patient the medications taken and any issues the patient may have with regard to them.

The CMS care plan is at the centre of many aspects of this service which aims to identify and prioritise risk from drugs, minimise adverse drug reactions, address existing and potential problems with medicines and provide collaborative structured follow up and intervention when necessary.

The latest initiative within CMS is Serial Prescriptions - for medication that you require long term the doctor can, depending on the suitability of the condition being treated, issue a long term prescription lasting up to 48 weeks which you pick up regularly from the Pharmacy without constantly having to request repeats from the surgery.